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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Freelance Suite?

Freelance Suite is a web-based Client, Billing, and Project Management software application that will help you work faster and be more productive. The application is installed on your own web server and easily customized to meet your needs. Then, you'll use the software to manage your business and your customer will access it to review projects, make payements, and communicate directly with you.

Is the Source Code Available?

Freelance Suite's "Owned License" comes with the vast majority source code availability. We use ionCube to encode license-related files to protect the integrity of our software. Our Trial Version is fully encoded with ionCube.

How do my clients pay invoices?

FreelanceSuite allows clients to pay your invoices online, or offline. We've integrated the software with PayPal, 2Checkout, and Stripe. You can sign-up for one (or multiple) payment services and give your clients the option to make payments online. It's all automated and it will save everyone time!

Is Freelance Suite only for freelancers or web developers?

No, not at all! Our software was intitially developed with these types of users in mind. However, we've developed comprehensive features which will allow many different types of users to use the software. Many of our customers include: interior designers, consultants, service professionals (electricians, plumbers, etc.) and more.

Is the software 100% customizable?

We have a great templating system which allows you to customize content, emails, and styles for most of the pages. In addition, much of the look and feel are controlled by common style sheets (CSS), which are fully customizable. In addition to our standard templates, Freelance Suite includes a web-based interface for editing the content of all emails to clients and staff users. *Note that the Trial Version is fully encoded with ionCube and customization options are limited to existing templates.

Is it possible to remove the "Powered by FreelanceSuite" reference?

We understand that many customers want to brand FreelanceSuite as an integral part of their website. While FreelanceSuite maintains the copyright and ownership over all intellectual property, we have an option available for purchase which hides our branding. This option is very affordable and must be purchased directly via our website. Removing the code or tampering with our licensing system is prohibited and will result in a revocation of your existing license.